NY-812 Friction Pouch Feeder With Thermal Transfer Printing System

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NY-812 Friction Pouch Feeder With Thermal Transfer Printing System

»  Description

The NY-812 fast TTO-mounted friction-feeder/conveyor system is designed to meet the demands of multiple industries for an automatic feeding-printing system to print variable information directly to pre-made zippered and gusseted pouches. the NY-812 is a perfect solution that can separate, transport, print, and accumulate the bags in a catch tray. A thermal transfer print system can print everything from nutrition panels, compliance data, production codes, logos and icons, text and virtually any type of barcode directly onto pre-formed pouches, eliminating the need for pre-printed, hand- or machine-applied labels. The system is perfect for pouches in every industry including fresh or frozen foods, meat or poultry, dry foods & ingredients, seafood, dairy, coffee, snacks & candy, baked goods, PET food, medical device, cannabis, personal care, etc.

»  Application

- Any type of bag or pouch with 3mil & Greater Thickness

- Width of Feeder Adjustable Based on Specific Packaging Dimensions.

- Can design any mounting bracket for different brand TTO printer in market.

- Print area from 32mmx50mm to 53mmx75mm, depending on printer model.

- Can print text or date codes – 1D, 2D and GS1 barcodes, nutrition facts, ingredients, logos, graphics on-demand…all at clear 300dpi resolution.

♦ Example/Samples: Mylar Pouches/Zip-Lock Pharmaceutical Pouches


»  Specifications:


NY-812+TTO Printer

Print Mode


Print Speed

30-200 pcs/min (related to product material, size and print content).

Print Area

32mm x 200mm; 53mmx 200mm (can customize)

Product Size (L x W x H)

(60-350)x(40-300)x(0.8-5)mm (can customize)

Belt Width

305mm (can customize)

Conveyor Length

1.5 meters

Working Height

650 mm (+/-30 mm) (can customize)

Power Supply

220V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 200W

Machine Size (L x W x H)

1769 x 765x 1153mm


Approx 120kgs

Note: If machine are customized, the above data may vary.

»  Features

 Stepper motors for fast and accurate labeling.

✔ PLC+HMI Touch screen control system with job memory.

 Photo eye sensors for product detection.

 Main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

 CE Approved, meet the strict ISO 9001 quality control procedures. 

 Feeder dispenses pouch with widths of up to 110, 300 or 400 mm.

✔ A range of designs available for OEM, enable you to easily create everything youll need in your package from standard expiration dates and lot codes, to linear and 2-dimensional barcodes, to high-resolution logos and graphics.

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