NY-834B Print and Apply Labeling Machine

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NY-834 Print and Apply Labeling Machine For Cartons/Boxes/Trays etc.

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»  Description

NY-834 Print and Apply System is designed to allow for your variable information such as bar codes, text or graphics to be printed on the label prior to application. Using a highly reliable labeling head married to a professional ZEBRA thermal transfer printing engine, the NY-834 print and apply system consistently applies finished labels to the front, sides and corners of your container, box, shipping case and pallets. Widely used in: electronics, chemicals, food, packaging and other industries.

»  Application

- NY-834B Top Labeling, NY-834A Side Labeling, Front Labeling, Front And SideMulti-Panel Labeling, Corner Wrap Labeling

- Can print production data, serial no. anti fake code, supervision code, packing data and transportation data at real time on sticker and stick the label onto according product.

- Available with several application modules including air tamp, air blow, tamp blow, wipe on and pneumatic swing arms for side, top, leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap applications.

End user print and apply applications vary widely. NanYun often design custom print and apply labeling system to fit into your production line.

♦ Example/Samples: Corrugated Cartons & Cardboard Boxes / Cases / Pallets


»  Specifications:

Technical Data

NY-834 Series/NY-834B Top/NY-834A Side

Label Accuracy

±1mm (excluding product and label error)

Label Speed

10-30 pcs/min (related to product and label size).

Label Width

10 mm to 100 mm

Product Size (L x W x H)

(40-200)x(20-180)x(0.2-75)mm (can customize)

Inside reel Ø


Outside reel Ø

≤ 300 mm

Conveyor Width


Conveyor Length

1.5 meters

Working Height

850 mm (+/-30 mm)

Power Supply

220V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 1.5kw

Machine Size (L x W x H)

1600 x 830x 1880mm


Approx 180kgs

Compressed Air

0.4-0.6Mpa, 0.28CBM/min (optional)

Note: If machine are customized, the above data may vary.

»  Features

 Use ZEBRA series printing engine.

 Stepper motors for fast and accurate labeling.

✔ PLC+HMI Touch screen control system with job memory.

 Photo eye sensors for label gap/container detection.

 Easy adjusting hand wheels for quick setup and easy changeover.

 Production preset function, production run counter, extremely efficient.

 Main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

 CE Approved, meet the strict ISO 9001 quality control procedures. 

✔ A range of shapes and designs available for OEM, can flexibly apply labels on the top, bottom, sides, and corners of the product.

✔ Flexible tag editing software, compatible with most Chinese/English tag editing tools, editing and printing content has a strong flexibility.
✔ Famous component to ensure high stability in quality. Delta PLC, Delta touchscreen, NSK Linear Bearings, Sick/Panasonic/Leuze Sensor.

»  Optional Accessories (If required by customer at extra cost)

  • Applicator For Irregular Surfaces
  • Chain/Belt/Roller Conveyor
  • Weight checker & Metal Detector
  • Adjustable Stand For Top Or Side Labeling
  • Print Units (Hot Stamp, Thermal Transfer, Ink Jet, Laser)
  • Clear Label Sensor For Sensing Transparent Film Labels
  • Online Pneumatically Operated Product Rejection System
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