Hot Solid Ink Roll For Date Coding Machine

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NY ink roll
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  • Brand Name
  • Function
    To print batch number, production date, expiry date
  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter
    36mm, 40mm
  • Width
    12mm, 16mm, 32mm, 40mm, etc
  • Color
    Black, red, yellow, withe, blue, etc.
  • Packing
    Paper carton
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Hot Solid Fast Dry Ink Roller for Batch Date Coding Machine to Print MFG EXP LOT Date Number.
Ⅰ. Applications:
Hot Ink Roller is specialized foam roll loaded with a variety of hot melt inks, which is used to print production dates, expiry dates, batch numbers, and other related information on all kinds of package substrates for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive and the other industries. It is a specific consumable working with many different date coders & marking printers, with excellent characteristics, they are able to produce at high speed with instant dry, good adhesion and highly legible printing.

Storage Requirement:
1) Do not put it directly into the highlight, protect from pressure, dampness, heat and sunshine.
2)Place in the ventilated, shaded and cool place.
3)Storage time: within two years.

Ⅱ. Features:
1. Long usage life: 150,000 times per roll;
2. Temperature range: 90 - 130°C; 130 - 160°C;
3. Widely apply to foods, pharmacy, drinking industry for various flexible package batch date coding.
4. Inner diameterof ink roller: 12mm
5. Good scratch resistant, fast drying, clear printing;
6. Apply toink rollercoders and print on PP, PE, PET, Aluminum film and multi-film;
7. Various colors such as black, red, white, blue and yellow are available.

Standard Sizes Widely Used As Below:
Hot Ink Roller (Outer Diameter * Height)
φ36mm*12mm; φ36mm*16mm; φ36mm*32mm; φ36mm*36mm;
φ36mm*40mm; φ40mm*40mm; φ48mm*55mm; φ48mm*60mm;
Color: Black, White, Red, blue
Usage Method
Put ink roller into preheater for 10-15 minutes( if not preheater, it's ok to put it directly in ink roller printer for
preheating, adjust space between code printer word wheel and hot iron roller into optimum condition.
Ⅲ. Print Result
Ⅳ. Compatible For Ribbon Coding Machine such as MY-380, NY-805, NY-808A, NY-808E etc.
Ⅴ. Date Coding Machine Installed for Packing Machine
Ⅵ. Package Details
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