JPT-D continuous ink jet coder printer machine

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JPT3000D Continuous Inkjet Printer

Our industrial ink jet printer designed to provide superior quality coding at various production environments on wide range of substrates & applications. Flexible code design, including the ability to mark serial numbers, batch codes, expiry dates, barcodes and logo on various uneven and flexible surfaces of substrates.

※Automatic Interval Setting:
Automatic start-up and shut down function can be programmed. It is designed to help circulating the ink during non-operation. This reduces the risk of nozzle clogging due to internal ink dry problem. Start-up and shut down interval can be set arbitrarily via timer.

※Minimum Maintenance, More Reliable Production:
Applied 'Pending Retractable Gutter Sealer’ technology, this is a new technology in reducing operation cost and virtually maintenance free. It utilized the gutter tube sealing onto the nozzle by slider during non-operation. During operation, the gutter will open automatically and closed when production stop. With this technology, it prevent nozzle from dust, which can cause ink line deflection. This also can prevent dry ink clogging around the nozzle area.
Print mode
Continuous (Charge control system)
Character height
Print speed
Max.1780 characters/second
Character type
Alphabet (upper/lower case),figures, symbols, Katakana and Hiragana, Chinese characters (JIS 1st and 2nd standard), user
characters and simplified Chinese characters(GB2312)
Number of printing lines and number of dots (Vertical×horizontal)
【1 to 4 lines】:5×5; 【1 to 3 lines】:7×8,7×5; 【1 to 2 lines】:12×10,10×8,9×9,9×7; 【1 line】:24×24,24×18,16×16,16×12
Gothic, Mincho, SimSun
Number of messages to register
Maxinum 999 messages
Date & Time (expiration date) Print Function
AD year, Japanese era name, year/date, day of week, time (12/24 schedule),annual serial date, annual serial week number,
early/middle/late part of month(variable term setting),AM/PM and the replace-character function(replaces year, month, day, time,
minute and second with different characters in single-digit)
Numbering function
Max 8 digits, optional default value setting, up/down, carry(1 count can be set ranging from 1 to 9999 works),zero suppression
function(replaces zeros in higher digits with spaces),numbering replace-character function(replaces with characters other than
Bar code printing function
ITF, NW7, JAN, Code39/Code128
Communications Function
RS-232C 1CH maximum 115,200bps, Ethernet
Head cable
Nozzle bore size
50μm, 60μm
Date input
Touch panel, RS-232C communication
User interface
Chinese, English         ※ Please note that there may be some languages not applicable on their fonts installed.
Dimension (width x depth x height)
Main body: 280W×400D×532H;
Print head: 40W×199D×404H;
Operating environment
Temperature:0℃-40℃,Humidity: 10-80%RH (non-condensing )
Power supply
AC220V 50/60HZ 70W(100VA)
Type D ground
Net weight
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Code Printing Marking Samples:
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